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Multi-Industry Third Party Logistics Challenges

Multi-Industry Third Party Logistics


A 3PL warehouse serving many industries requires the ability to onboard new customers quickly and satisfy their various data demands at the receipt and despatch stages. All stock control was Excel- based with no automation of transactions.


Many suppliers from various industries supplied parts to their central warehouse. Each supplier had a specific pallet labelling structure and required different levels of data capture e.g. supplier batch numbers, best before dates, SSCC pallet codes. At the pick end of the process, various picking rules were required depending on whether customer was in the food and drink industry, automotive or general engineering sector.


A cloud-based WMS was installed to cover all warehousing processes. For receiving goods, out of the box WMS configuration of scanners using ‘Template’ solutions was implemented. THINK staff worked closely to support the client through this transition. All supplier labels can now be read and large savings in data entry have been realised. For the picking process, a range of allocation strategies was configured dependent on the needs of their customers.

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