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Global Pharmaceutical Company Case Study

A global pharmaceutical company and an existing customer of Harlow Group Storage (HGS) who were using THINK’s warehouse management system to manage their stock, started a project to upgrade their SAP, and this required them to be fully integrated with the 3PL’s warehouse management system (WMS).

Pharmaceutical warehouse pallets

A project team was formed, led by the global pharmaceutical company’s Project Manager, and consisted of their operations, SAP engineers, HGS management, THINK project manager and THINK developers. The bespoke integration is the most complex of any of our customers with the most message types used. In total there are 11.

The project scope expanded when HGS’s customer requested that additional stock would need to be held in HGS. There was insufficient space at the existing facility and a 2nd warehouse was sourced to be used as an overflow facility. So, a solution was designed, developed, and implemented where stock could be automatically replenished from the overflow to the main site based on configurable minimum stock levels.

Key functionality developed and enhanced as part of the project:

  • Optional re-use of unique pallet identifiers once they leave site.
  • Batch control with auto creation on receipt and with effective and expiry dates.
  • Introduction of statuses that can be configured and applied at stock, pallet, and batch levels.
  • Configurable and automated replenishment from the HGS overflow facility.
  • Configurable and optional tolerances on received quantities based on expected ASN quantities.
  • SSCC generation with configurable range editor.

Message types

  • Item master creation and update.
  • Batch creation and status update.
  • Stock status update.
  • Inbound message processing confirmation.
  • Inbound delivery creation.
  • Inbound delivery confirmation.
  • Outbound delivery creation.
  • Outbound delivery picking start confirmation.
  • Outbound delivery picking completion confirmation.
  • Outbound delivery despatch confirmation.
  • Inventory for reconciliation.

The project was successfully implemented on time and within budget following a robust and fully audited testing phase.

THINK’s project manager and development team were able to work closely and directly with their counterparts in the global pharmaceutical company, meaning that HGS did not need to provide dedicated project management resources.

This project was technically challenging, not only for the integration element but also operationally, as several new areas of functionality were designed, developed, and implemented at the same time. At THINK we welcomed this challenge! By working in partnership with HGS and their customer, we produced a solution that not only fully and seamlessly integrated with a complex ERP such as SAP but was also efficient and easy to use for the day-to-day operational team.

Shaun Marshall

Project Manager, THINK

A 3PL provider needs to be able to accommodate their customer’s requirements, no matter how challenging. THINK has enabled us to fulfil our customer’s needs by developing and implementing a bespoke WMS that does exactly what was required and has scope for change if needed. An off the shelf product simply does not offer that flexibility. The THINK team managed the project from development through to training and continue to provide support that goes above what you’d expect from an out of the box WMS product

James Sando

Director, HGS

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