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The Pharmaceutical Industry

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The pharmaceutical industry is a vital sector responsible for the research, development, manufacturing, and commercialisation of drugs and medications for human and animal health. It plays a crucial role in advancing medical science, improving public health, and addressing global health challenges through innovation, research, and the development of safe and effective pharmaceutical products.

Suppliers to the Pharmaceutical Industry

THINK’s warehouse management software is able to provide optional re-use of pallet identifiers once they leave site, batch control with auto creation on receipt and with effective and expiry dates. Introduction of statuses that can be configured and applied at stock, pallet, and batch levels. Configurable and automated replenishment from an overflow facility. Configurable and optional tolerances on received quantities based on expected ASN quantities and SSCC generation with configurable range editor.

Benefits to the Pharmaceutical Industry

Benefits of implementing a warehouse management system within the pharmaceutical industry:

  • Enhanced order accuracy
  • Inventory control and accuracy
  • Product security and tracking
  • Efficient order fulfillment
  • Supports temperature and environmental monitoring
  • Productivity and labour efficiency
  • Integration with enterprise systems (ERP) (MES) (EDI)
  • Customer service and satisfaction

Customer of Harlow Group Storage (HGS)

A global pharmaceutical company and an existing customer of Harlow Group Storage (HGS) who were using THINK’s warehouse management system to manage their stock, started a project to upgrade their SAP and this required them to be fully integrated with the 3PL’s warehouse management system (WMS). A project team was formed, led by the global pharmaceutical company’s Project Manager, and consisted of their operations, SAP engineers, HGS management, THINK project manager and THINK developers. The bespoke integration is the most complex of any of our customers with the most message types used. In total there are 11.

Read the pharmaceutical case study

Why Choose THINK?

We employ experienced WMS consultants to work with your company and assess the current warehouse operations, understand your specific needs and challenges, and then recommend, implement and customise WMS solutions that align with the company’s goals and objectives. Our expertise covers a wide range of areas, including technology, logistics, supply chain management, process optimisation and software integration. When combined with our approach to project management, this leads to consistent achievement of objectives within agreed timescales.

Here is an example of our system on an Android phone, showing how you can use it on the go.

Warehouse Management System

Are you worried that a Warehouse Management solution will cost you loads of money? Or you will be trapped in a long contract? To arrange a demo or discuss your requirements, give THINK a call on 0330 350 0715, email enquiries@tkinv.com or complete the Quick Quote form below. We can work with your business to help save you money and drive down costs.


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