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Scalable Warehouse Management System

About THINK Inventory Solutions

Scalable Warehouse Management System

THINK Inventory Solutions has been in the software industry for over fifteen years, developing software for many different sectors. Our skills were honed developing cutting-edge software for the Publishing, Construction, Internet Banking, and Emergency Service Industries before expanding into Logistics solutions.

Eight years ago the THINK Warehouse Management System, THINK WMS our flagship product was born. This was a direct result of a request for help from a large UK-based logistics company, which was clearly frustrated at the level of functionality available to them in managing their diverse customer base. Our experiences in other industries, particularly internet banking and emergency services, were used to good effect.

We used our expertise in developing simple and easy-to-use customer interfaces for internet banking to ensure that users of the THINK Warehouse Management System are always guided through their activities with minimal fuss and thus leading to efficient and accurate operations. The software we developed for emergency services guides call operators through a process to ensure that a caller is given the appropriate level of response, a real life or death decision.

This experience, focusing on the process to achieve an accurate output, was invaluable in developing the THINK Warehouse Management System. THINK Warehouse Management System is now in use in a number of small, medium, and large organisations covering a wide range of industry sectors and has earned its reputation as a reliable, easy to use, and efficient system that focuses on the process to drive results.