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AMCO Case Study

Case study regarding implementation of THINK Warehouse Management System in the 3PL sector

Amco are a provider of a wide range of logistics services to a number of different industry sectors including; automotive supply (OEM and aftermarket), aerospace, FMCG and defence. This diversification brings many challenges, not least of which is finding a WMS that is powerful and flexible enough to provide the different solutions required to the challenges of each industry, but at the same time remaining affordable to Amco in the very competitive environment that they operate in.

Following extensive research and having considered solutions offered by a number of our competitors Amco chose THINK.

Amco’s Managing Director Paul Andrews commented: “Amco operate in a number of different sectors and each one is highly competitive and has their own unique challenges. The type of services that we offer are critical to the success of our customer’s businesses. THINK were not only able to demonstrate that their software is flexible and configurable to our needs, but many of the THINK consultants have held senior positions in the industries that we service and are able to offer unique insights and solutions.”

At THINK we understand the 3PL market and the requirement for seamless integration with your customer’s systems, whilst maintaining the core competencies and efficiences of a class leading WMS. In addition to our standard WMS software we have supported Amco in their rapid expansion in the development of a number of bespoke solutions in support of their customer’s requirements in aerospace, automotive part sequencing and the management of a world wide supply chain of bulk shipments from the far east of individually numbered components that require full tracking during the inbound, store, pick and despatch process.