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International Third Party Logistics Challenges

International Third Party Logistics Challenges


A household name international 3PL needed to migrate the operation of an established customer, also a well-known brand, onto a new WMS.


The WMS that had managed the operation and was integrated with the customer for many years was being decommissioned. They had limited project management or technical expertise available to head the project in the timescales required. They also needed to minimise any disruption to the operation or their customer during the migration.


With the clock already ticking, the 3PL contacted THINK to not only deliver a solution but to also take the lead with their customer to manage the project. THINK worked closely with their customer’s IT provider in China to understand and develop the integrated solution. THINK also liaised with the 3PL operation to see what benefits a modern WMS could provide.

Mostly undocumented business logic needed to be deciphered and developed.

Lack of a customer test ERP meant that a test phase was not possible.

Full training and on-site support during crossover was provided.

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