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To be time-efficient and cost-efficient, companies need to keep track of their stock. This task is made much simpler with the help of warehouse scanning systems, automated inventory management systems, or inventory counting systems.

There are several types of Warehouse Management System (WMS) software that differ in tools and delivery style:

Standalone WMS

A standalone system can be an ideal fit for small businesses or companies that cannot afford more sophisticated software. While it includes all the essential warehouse management features, its affordability comes at a price. The standalone package must be installed and integrated with the company’s ongoing software, often resulting in information delays, interface issues, or duplicate data entry.

Supply Chain Modules (SCM)

If you are looking for software with a broader range of functions, consider SCM. These modules go beyond automated inventory management, product cycles, and material sourcing. Instead, they support the supply chain in its entirety, allowing the user to manage risk assessments, business processes, or vendor relationships.

Cloud-Based Systems

Web-based models are a cheaper, faster-implementable take on a traditional WMS. They provide all essential warehousing functions while also being easily customisable, offering great flexibility. Their web-based nature provides no need for integration with existing hardware and networks, which is something companies with multi-location needs can benefit from.

Integrated ERP Modules

Enterprise resource planning is the king of WMS software. Specialised ERP modules offer WMS features along with extra applications (like supply chain planning, accounting, HR). They can even be used as an all-encompassing alternative to having multiple separate software applications – but this versatility is, of course, reflected in the price. ERP can be suitable for enterprises looking to increase their ROI and gain a competitive advantage.

At Think, we specialise in designing, configuring, and implementing WMS to best suit our clients’ needs – so if you are looking for a professional and effective company inventory management system, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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