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Global Supplier Of Automotive Components or Systems

Global Supplier Of Automotive Components or Systems


Following the award of additional business, an existing customer approached THINK for assistance to improve their lineside stock replenishment. As a first-tier supplier of sequenced complex assemblies to JLR, the award of this additional business required a full layout review and redesign of the internal replenishment process.


A new off-site warehouse was required to support the additional volume and product variants. Additionally, lineside space constraints at the assembly lines also required an increase in replenishment frequency. These two competing requirements would lead to a significant and unacceptable increase in logistics costs without a complete redesign of the existing manual replenishment process.


THINK designed and implemented an automated two-step Kanban process that ensured efficient and timely warehouse picking and vehicle utilisation during step one of the process. Zone replenishment was then implemented for step two providing each assembly line with a replenishment process specific to their unique requirements. Process tracking and status were provided via dashboards with a traffic light replenishment display to allow timely escalation and intervention when required.

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