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An automated inventory management system can be an excellent investment for your business, allowing you to keep track of every aspect of the ecommerce, warehouse, manufacturing and distribution areas of your business. But it can be difficult to choose the right system to meet your needs, so here are some helpful tips choosing the best inventory management system,

1. Identify the essential features of your automated inventory system

There are many different types of automated inventory system on the market, and business experts agree that they can help your business save money. However, when you choose a system, you want to ensure it has all the features you want as standard, and that it can be scaled as your business changes.

You should make a list of the most important features for your system and work out which ones are a priority. This might include:

  • Locate and manage – this helps you track stock, make the most of your space, check stock levels and much more
  • Reporting tools and alerts
  • Forecasting and automatic reordering
  • The ability to connect other systems, such as your accounting software

2. Choose a system that works for your industry

When you’re choosing any sort of system for your business, it’s important to choose one that can be tailored to your industry. For example, if you work in ecommerce, then a barcode warehouse management system can help you manage stock and allocate space efficiently, while features like pick face control allow your pickers to be faster and more efficient. Think about what you want to achieve and the kind of features that’ll help you meet your goals.

If you’re thinking about adding a company inventory system, speak to the team at Think Inventory Solutions who can help create a bespoke solution for you. Simply call us on 0330 350 0715 or e-mail enquiries@tkinv.com to find out more.