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Inbound Solutions

Rules Based Receiving

Ensuring that data is captured effectively and efficiently during the receipt process is fundamental in achieving stock accuracy and control of your logistic processes. THINK WMS enables users to configure the receiving process to match their individual needs and their customers requirements. This is particularly useful in a 3PL environment. Do you need to capture a batch code for a new customer? No problem, just add the field to an existing or new receipt profile.

Inbound ASN

The ability to start the inventory management process at the point of receipt is a basic requirement of any system that claims to offer a solution to the challenges of inventory management. THINK does this and so much more.
THINK WMS allows you to process and store all of the information that you will be processing at the point of receipt days, weeks or even months before you physically receive it. At the point of despatch the shipper can provide you with the relevant details of the shipment in a wide range of formats and methods from the most basic of spreadsheets received via email through to fully integrated EDI systems via your chosen communication method (see EDI section for more details).
With THINK WMS you are able to decide the level of validation required during the receiving process with variances to the ASN reported to the operator in real-time using simple but effective colour coding.

Handheld and Client Receiving

THINK WMS offers easy to use and full configurable receiving processes via both your handheld and desktop devices.

Single Scan Receipt

This functionality requires an ASN at handling unit level (SSCC or other format) and enables an operator to receive the contents of a single handling unit including any item related data (quantity, batch, serial number, status etc) with a single scan of the handling unit serial provided in the ASN.

Variance Feedback

During the receipt process on both the handheld and the client the user is able to see colour coded variance information in real-time

Validation Control

Do you have an essential piece of information that you have to capture during the receiving process? Do you need to comply with HAACP? No problem! With THINK’s powerful and configurable inspection question templates you can add validation to new or existing fields. Inspection checks, once complete, are stored for future reference. This data can be retrieved electronically either on screen or in printed format.

Label Management

Print your own pallet, box and unique serial number labels or utilise the standard Odette label print format. Custom label formats are also available if required so that your own or your customer’s designs can be used.

Serial Numbering

A serial number is a bar-coded ID number placed on a pallet, tote, carton or other container which is used to track the contents of that container as it moves through the warehouse. So by scanning a single bar code on the pallet you can initiate or complete movement transactions for all items and quantities on that pallet.


Implementing EDI for the first time can be a daunting proposition, particularly for smaller organisations. Fear not, at THINK we are able to handle the full range of EDI requirements and integrate to your existing systems if required. It matters not if your business partner is using international standards such as EDIFACT, ODETTE, VDA etc. or a modified version of these or even their own standard – we are able to deliver. We also have experience in a wide range of transmission protocols including FTP, SFTP, FTPS, OFTP, AS2 and many more.