Third Party Logistics Industry

We recognised early on with our first 3PL customers coming on board that this industry sector had significantly different drivers to other industries.

With a low barrier to entry into their marketplace 3PLs can no longer just compete on price alone. In a modern world they have to be giving value added service to their customers to stand out amongst the crowd. 3PL is all about driving efficiency and space utilisation while maximising charging potential. So using our basic company ethos of developing in partnership with our customers we evolved the system to help them succeed.

Think warehouse supports 3PLs in their day to day business by tracking and monitoring stock life cycles, so by simply booking in a piece of stock with our easy to use gun based ARP module the charging life cycle is begun. Each time an item is booked in, picked or despatched the system silently records the transaction without disturbing the user or expecting them to have intimate customer contract charging knowledge. Once you’re ready the simple charging interface reports back to you exactly what you need to invoice for with a number of intelligent features built in such as minimum number of days or week or part thereof charging calculations.

Charging was not the only area we enhanced for our 3PL customers, in addition the system allows your customer’s access through a browser based interface allowing them features such as a live view of their stock and the ability to raise picks directly on the system. Of course all of this access is controlled by you as you define each external user’s security clearance.

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