Advanced Shipping Notifications

We can help you provide your customers with real-time information on their shipments at the point of despatch. Be a step ahead of your competitors in offering your customers the ability to streamline their own receiving and warehouse functions by providing them with electronic shipment information.

At THINK we are very mindful that you need to be flexible in meeting your customer’s requirements and therefore offer a number of options to you to provide shipping details to your customers.

  1. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) allows for fully automatic processing of information directly from the THINK system providing timely and accurate information directly into your customer’s systems without the need for any human intervention.
  2. Web interface where your customer can be provided with direct and secure access to your THINK system. You have full control over what they have access to and the level of access can be varied by customer or user.

Flexible Picking Strategies

At THINK we completely understand that, in a busy warehouse with multiple product types and customers, any one single picking process will not be sufficient. That is why we have developed our software solution to provide you with various options that can be configured to suit yours and your customer’s requirements.

Integrated Despatch Process

Despatching stock is the area most commonly overlooked by companies when managing their pick processes. It doesn’t matter whether you hit your pick time targets, have the most robust picking and cross checking processes, if just one item doesn’t get put onto the vehicle at the end of the process – it was all in vain.

With its unique collaborative development approach THINK have with input from the industry identified and removed the risks to a business during the complete despatch process.

The despatch process in THINK gives you the full flexibility to select picks in a number of ways such as selection by customer, order details and many more. Once one or more picks have been selected for despatch the operator starts scanning items onto the vehicle ensuring nothing is missed. When complete the system records the collecting driver’s details and signature direct onto the barcode gun. This process along with a full electronic audit trail of each piece of stock being scanned onto the vehicle and you have everything you need to ensure you never again discover that pallet after the vehicle has left.

Notes on HAACP Compliance

Perform your HAACP checks directly on the barcode gun giving a full audit trail of how you are complying with food industry best practice. Inspection checks once complete are stored electronically for future reference. This data can be retrieved electronically either on screen or in printed format.

Despatch Charging

As items are picked and despatched the Think system actively tracks and builds a list of handling charges to ensure you never again miss that invoice to your customer and that you can provide instant and irrefutable justification of charges.

In addition, at all stages through the process the user can easily add ad-hoc charges directly onto the gun so if, for example, they need to perform a restack or shrink wrap operation to an individual pallet then a simple tap on the screen to select the charge from a list and the finance department instantly know the charge needs to be applied.