Put – Away Processing

Put – away processing is the cornerstone of maximising space utilisation, stock accuracy and ensuring cost effective and efficient retrieval. THINK Warehouse Management Software provides you with full flexibility at product, customer, supplier or even a combination of these that allows you to effectively plan your available storage space using our bay mapping facility. Once activated, bay-mapping will inform your operatives of the required storage location based on the rules that you have entered. This powerful function can be easily updated as requirements change, allowing you to have complete confidence that all the product in your warehouse is being managed effectively.

As always with THINK Warehouse Management Software each transaction carried out by each individual is tracked providing you with full traceability.

Perpetual Inventory

Perpetual Inventory (PI), the continuous counting and updating of stock. Traditionally an ABC product classification is used and products are physically counted to a timetable based on set rules, with actual physical quantities compared with expected quantities and the WMS updated with the results of the physical check. This is an extremely inefficient and inaccurate approach, it usually leads to the operative spending an enormous amount of time looking for ‘lost’ stock of an item and in the event that it cannot be found updating the Warehouse Management Software stock accordingly i.e. a stock loss, and then, the next time the item is counted you suddenly have a stock gain, sound familiar?

The THINK approach is different. The THINK bay-align process – put simply we focus on the accuracy of the storage units, bays and bins, if discrepancies are identified they are recorded and the bay or bin is immediately updated with the counted information. Any discrepancy, however, is held pending investigation and/or resolution. The resolution can often be via a subsequent PI count via our bay align process, thus reducing unnecessary effort and improving the productivity of your teams. This unique approach to PI along with our focus on process accuracy has proven time and time again to lead to world class levels of inventory accuracy.

Flexible Charging Structure

Getting staff to be mindful of recording what needs to be charged in a busy warehouse is notoriously difficult, sometimes impossible leading to regular lost revenue to your business.

THINK take a different approach, our view is warehouse operators should not and need not be concerned or even aware of what needs to be charged within your business. Their role is to focus on managing stock effectively.

Rules are setup in advance which can vary from customer to customer or even for specific items from a given customer. From the moment an individual piece of stock enters the system charge monitoring occurs without the knowledge of the operator. When the item is scanned into the system a possible receipt handling charge is recorded, when stock is picked (even on partial picks another charge is generated, despatch, the same. Add to this the comprehensive storage charge calculations which cover numerous charging models such as daily charging, week or part thereof and you have a very comprehensive charging system which is driven entirely by your staff just doing their day to day tasks.

Think of it, at the simple click of a button an exact auditable and detailed charging breakdown can be produced for any customer. No more scraps of paper being lost or reliance on a member of staff in goods in knowing what needs to be billed and, much more importantly, no more lost revenue or disputed charges.