Advanced Receiving Process

The ability to start the inventory management process at the point of receipt is a basic requirement of any system that claims to offer a solution to the challenges of inventory management. THINK does this and so much more, with THINK you can start this process from the point the shipment starts its Journey to you.

THINK ARP allows you to process and store all the information that you will be processing at the point of receipt days, weeks or even months before you physically receive it. At the point of despatch the shipper can provide you with the relevant details of the shipment. There are a number of methods available for providing this information.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Allows for fully automatic processing of information directly into the THINK system providing timely and accurate information without the need for any human intervention

Digital File Interface

We can upload files in various formats (normally spreadsheets) into the THINK system with minimal human effort, allowing you to provide shippers with a standard file to complete that can be subsequently uploaded to THINK without the need to re-key the data.

Web Interface

We can provide web access to shippers to enter the shipment details directly into your THINK system. There is no limit to the number of shippers who can be given access and security is managed at an individual shipper level.

Manual Input

Naturally you are also able to enter the information directly via our easy to use client interface.

Receipt Capacity Planning

The THINK Receipt Capacity Planning function clearly displays all your inbound shipments in a familiar and easy to use calendar view. Utilising simple click, drag and drop functionality you are able to view, add, edit and cancel inbound shipments.

This simple but powerful tool will show you, at a glance, your manpower requirements in real-time for hours, days, weeks or even months ahead. You can identify bottlenecks and spikes in demand whilst reviewing the impact of changes to inbound traffic in real-time.

Control Where It Matters

Regardless of how your ARP information has been entered the functionality within our software allows you to decide what information is provided to the operatives in the receiving area.

Blind Tally

As the name suggests, little or no information is provided to the operative, they are responsible for identifying and processing all the information on the shipment via their handheld device either by scanning the barcodes provided or manually entering the information if barcodes are not provided. Once the complete delivery has been processed, it can then be checked, by a separate operative, to the provided paperwork via our easy to use client screen and any discrepancies investigated and dealt with ensuring 100% accuracy of stock during the receiving process.

Real-time feedback

Again, as the name suggests the operative will have displayed on the screen of their handheld device the ARP details of the delivery and they will be provided with instant feedback as they process the delivery with clear colour coded instant information allowing them to spot under/over or missing quantities of individual items before the delivery is processed further allowing for early resolution of discrepancies.


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