Customer Interface

Think Inventory Solutions provides for many differing methods of processing your customers requirements including.

1. Web interface

– Portal access can be provided to your customers, with a unique user iD and password providing security and confidentiality they can enter their requirements directly. You retain full control over how and when these requirements are released and scheduled.

2. Automated spreadsheet

– Your customer can simply email their requirements to you and we can process these automatically, again reducing the need to re enter their requirements thus improving productivity and removing any re-keying errors.

3. EDI

– Full Electronic Data Interchange allows for multiple types of customer requirements to be handled, which allows for customer forecasts, short term planning information and shipping requests to be effortlessly processed without the need for any manual intervention. We support many EDI standards including EDIFACT and ODETTE.

4. Manual Input

– Customer requirements can always be entered or amended manually.

Picking Process

Our flexible zonal picking process assists you in maximising your picking productivity. Requirements can be directed to one or multiple pickers, you can create zones and allocate areas to pickers or teams of pickers. Multiple customers from multiple pick faces are not a concern, you have full flexibility.

Picking order is controlled via user defined fields enabling you to manage the picking process with shelf life in mind, lot numbers, FIFO and a variety of other options and all can be defined for individual customers, which is great if you have extended supply chains to your customers and need to pick more recently received product for them.

Auto Replenishment

Specifically designed for the fast moving Automotive industry, this simple but effective inventory management tool can be used in any situation where there is a regular demand. Auto Replenishment will maintain user defined stock levels, you can have small ‘supermarkets’ of items that are held external to your main store(s), set the stock levels that you require and Auto Replenishment takes care of the rest. When replenishment levels are breached the individual(s)

responsible for replenishment are alerted and provided with all the relevant information to replenish the stock levels in a timely manner. Based around recognised lean manufacturing techniques, Auto Replenishment is flexible and has numerous applications.


We can design and implement sequencing solutions to meet all your requirements. Not enough space lineside to store all the required components? A proliferation of parts due to an engineering change? Additional space required for expansion? Customer requesting you supply in sequence and you have little or no experience?

At Think we have extensive experience and an excellent track record in supplying various solutions for satisfying your internal requirements or those of your customers. We have designed and implemented sequencing solutions for customers supplying some of the most complex modules to both BMW and JLR and have a thorough understanding of the challenges and critical aspects of this method of supply.